• Other Pests

    Other Pests

    Crickets can be a real annoyance to both homes and businesses. While they prefer to be outdoors, they make their way inside to escape changes in the environment. Feeding on mostly plant matter and remains of other pests, once inside they also can damage wool, cotton, and other fibers. Male crickets make a "chirping sound" to attract females for reproduction and to warn others of potential threats. Although small in size, they need to eat their own weight in food everyday to survive!

    Bees are very beneficial to the environment. They help pollinate flowers as they go from one flower to the next, thus creating healthy plants. However, bees can be very dangerous if felt that their hive is being threatened which could happen if they decided to make your home their home. Bees can establish multiple nesting areas in the structure such as eaves, attic, wall voids, and sheds. Whether it's a home or a business, Cal Coast will inspect where the bees are located.

    Wasps are flying insects found in a numerous color combinations. Wasps are nest building insects in which nests could be seen around exterior eves. Wasps large size and aggressive appearance makes them very intimidating to some, but are beneficial to humans by controlling other pest populations. Unlike bees, wasps have stingers that are capable of repeated use when a threat is present.

    Ants are one of the most common pest around. They are small enough to get into any crevice area and once they find what they are looking for, either inside or outside the property, they will come in numbers! Our technicians will fully inspect the area and will properly identify what type of ant it is, as well as there nesting area to perform the best method of service. Cal Coast maintenance program will keep the ant population under control!

    Are small grey/silver color insects with a "fish-like" appearance commonly found on the interior of structures. Silverfish thrive in high humidity areas such as basements, crawlspace, restrooms, and kitchen areas. Although they are not specifically harmful to humans, they shed their exoskeleton similar to other pests that could have an effect of people with severe allergies. They typically consume cellulose and starches found in common household materials (books, wallpaper, boxes, etc.) make them a real nuisance.

    Also known as "Pincher Bugs", these pests are normally seen mostly around the front or back yard under rocks, potted plants and around crevise areas in the garden. Most damage that they are known to cause is in the garden where they leave jagged holes in the leaves. Also known to get inside the house due to there size. Cal Coast will make sure to perform a full inspection and find the best plan to keep your property.

    German Roaches:
    These types of roaches are a major health issue and a nuisance in our personal space. They multiply in a short span of time which hundreds can be produced within a month! Unsanitary conditions is where they are attracted to the most but can also be seen around food and water sources as well as warmer areas like refrigerators, stoves, under sinks, etc. Whether it's a food establishment or a residential home, Cal Coast will make sure to perform a proper inspection and build a good plan to take care of your roach issue.


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